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How to Download Android Apps For PC Windows and Mac Free?

Ever thought to download android apps for PC or run android apps on PC?. This blog is dedicated to Android apps and I will show you how to download android apps for PC and after downloading how to run an Android app in PC.To run any Android app on PC, you need an Android emulator, which provides and an Android environment on your PC One of the best thing is that you can use Facetime for PC Windows for free with this Bluestacks Android Emulator.

How to Download Android Apps for PC:

As there are no special versions of Android apps available for PC, one need to download the android APK from the web and need to run it with the help of any android emulator. There are many Android emulators available and you can download any of it to run Android app on PC. One of the famous android emulators for PC is bluestacks which will help you to run Android app on PC.

Download Android Emulator to Run Android Apps on PC:

Though there are few other Android emulators available on the net, we suggest you use bluestacks which is one of the best android emulators, it is easy to download bluestacks android emulator and install it. All you need to download the android emulator first by visiting the BlueStacks Official Website. Once you download the android emulator, run the installation file and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

To run any android app on PC, you need apk file backup either on your PC or you need to transfer the app from your Android phone to PC with bluestacks.To download any apk file just go to Google and search for the APK file and download it.Transfer of Android apps from phone to PC will be explained in the below section.

Transferring Android Apps from Mobile Phone to PC:

To transfer Android app to PC, you need to register with a bluestacks emulator which will give an Identification pin for the transfer of apk files after the registration. Also, you need an additional app installed on your mobile phone to transfer the Android apps to PC.To have this application on phone go to Android market and search for BlueStacks Cloud Connect and install the app which has approximately 400KB size.Install this app on your android phone and run it to transfer apps to PC.While running it will ask for PIN, enter the pin which is obtained from the bluestacks emulator.

Once you run it select all the apps that you wish to transfer to PC and select sync option and it will upload the apps into a bluestacks cloud and it will appear on your PC while you select Get more Apps option and follow the instructions. Is FaceTime for Android available with Using of Bluestack Android Emulator?

How to Install Android Apps on PC?

This is not a question as I explained the entire process in the above paragraphs, all you need to run the app using the emulator as you already got the Android APK file or transferred the apps from mobile to PC.

How to Play Android Games in PC / Running Android Apps in PC:

At last, we reached the final stage of download android apps for PC and running Android apps on PC.You can play android games on PC or can play any app on PC using this technique.To run android apps for PC search for the installed file through the above process and double-click on it to play the android app.

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