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New York, 4th March, 2016.  H.R.H. Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duchess of Castro, has received the prestigious Humanitarian Award during a ceremony that took place at the United Nations Headquarters, in New York, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day celebration. This Award is given annually to personalities in the world of culture, entrepreneurship and politics, who have particularly distinguished themselves in charitable and social work.  This year the Award went to H.R.H. Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duchess of Castro, for “her intense social and charitable activities in support of disadvantaged children”. During the ceremony, was awarded H.E. Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General, , H.E. Mrs. Ban Soon-Taek (Mrs. Ban Ki-Moon), Patron of the UN Women for Peace Association.

The Award was organized by the UN Women for Peace Association, founded in 2008, which helps to advance projects and goals of United Nations agencies that provide opportunities to women to partake in the global peace building process through social, cultural and educational programmes.

Her Royal Highness’ speech:

” Mr. Secretary General, Mrs. Ban Soon-Taek, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am humbled and honored to be here today, in this prestigious Institution,  surrounded by so many people who have devoted their lives to fight violence against women and children and am simply overwhelmed by the Award I am granted by the UN Women for Peace Association, to which I am deeply grateful. Congratulations, Mr. Secretary General, for your Award, that acknowledges  the major role you have been playing in this Institution for the last NINE years with such commitment and success. And congratulations also to you, Mrs. Ban Soon-Taek, who have had the courage and vision to start this valuable Association. Many thanks also to you, Muna Rihani, who are the driving force behind this organization. This Award will give me even more energy to continue fighting for women all over  the world, for their rights, their safety and the ones of their children. I would like to thank my mother and my husband, who are here today and have always given me  their support and  encouragement in all my undertakings. I look very much forward to marching with all of you tomorrow and will bring my  two little girls, because I want them to learn at an early age the meaning of peace, tolerance and justice for all. Thank you.”

For further information:

Invite and participants: UNWFPA Luncheon e-vite


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New York, 3rd March 2016.  St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York hosted the investiture ceremony of new Knights and Dames of the Constantinian Order and of the Royal Order of Francis I. At the ceremony were present T.R.H. Prince Charles and Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke and Duchess of Castro. Holy Mass was celebrated by His Eminence Theodore Cardinal  McCarick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, Prior of the Delegation and Bailiff Knight Grand Cross of Justice, together with many members of the Clergy of the United States Delegation.


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Rome, 13th, 14th and 15th May 2016.  The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George is organizing the International Pilgrimage, accepting the invitation of the Holy Father to participate in the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.

The Pilgrimage will be led by His Most Reverend Eminence, Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino, Grand Prior of the Constantinian Order, in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses Prince Charles and Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke and Duchess of Castro, and of the High Dignitaries of the Order.

During the Pilgrimage, a Solemn Mass will be celebrated and presided by His Most Reverend Eminence the Grand Prior at the Main Altar in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

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copertina Francesco II

“Francesco II, Il Re Cattolico”, has been published by « Centro Studi sul Risorgimento e sugli Stati Preunitari » with the support of Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke and Duchess of Castro.

[…] the value of this book, in addition to letting us hear the very voice of the last King of Two Sicilies, is that it highlights the basic nature of the Man and the Kingdom.  King Francis II incarnated in his person the foundations on which the reign of Two Sicilies were constitutionally established, namely public adherence to the Catholic faith…..

 The book draws its inspiration from the discovery of an unpublished manuscript written by King Francis II which led to a series of essays by five brilliant contemporary scholars:  Prof. Massimo Viglione, Prof. Roberto De Mattei,  Prof. Cristina Siccardi, Reverend Don Mauro Tranquillo and Prof. Elena Bianchini Braglia.

The cover price of Euro 20 will be entirely donated to the Constantinian Order’s projects.

The book may be ordered through the Chancery (e-mail: or the Delegates of the Constantinian Order.


Château de Réduit – Presidential Palace (Mauritius), 8th January, 2016  –  H.R.H. Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro and Grand Master bestowed, with  Motu Proprio decree of 1st January 2016, the Royal Order of Francis I, with the rank of Dame Knight Grand Cross, upon Her Excellency the President of the Republic of Mauritius, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, GCSK, CSK, PhD.

The Royal Order of Francis I was established in 1829 by His Majesty King Francis I in order to reward the civil merit of whoever distinguished themselves in the art of literature and science and for particular merits attained by virtue of special actions in the protection of human rights.

Her Excellency the President of the Republic of Mauritius, through her important role and for the work carried out as a Biodiversity scientist, has unveiled the nutritive values present in the plants of her island, a discovery that has led to innovations in the fields of medicine and nutrition.



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Constantinian Order provides funding for A&E ultrasound machine

Principality of Monaco, 3 December 2015. The Monaco Association of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George were donated ultrasound diagnostic equipment for use by A&E Care Units, during an official ceremony taking place in the Board Room of the “Princess Grace” Hospital Centre, in the presence of HRH The Prince Charles of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, Head of the Royal House and Grand Master of the Constantinian Order. ‘Technology in the service of patient care’ is the thinking behind this assistive medical device playing a key role in supporting patient care and in ensuring correct diagnosis is promptly delivered even to patients suffering from complex medical conditions.”

Among the many notables scheduled to attend the event were:

  • Mr Georges LISIMACHIO, Head of the Cabinet Office under HMSH The Prince Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco
  • Mr Michel ROGER, Minister of State
  • Ms Stéphane VALÉRI, Government Advisor for Health & Social Affairs
  • Mr André GARINO, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Ms Patricia NOVARETTI, Vice President of the Board of Directors
  • Professor Marc FARAGGI, Vice President of the CME (Committee for National Healthcare Professionals)
  • Mr Gérard BLANCHY, Medical Engineer and Head of Biomedical Engineering
  • Mr Jean-Yves CASTEL, Medical Engineer for the Biomedical Engineering Unit
  • Mr Michel HAMON, Head of Financial Affairs



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immagineHRH The Prince Charles of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, Head of the Royal House e wishes to express – on His own behalf and on behalf of His family and all the Knights and Dames of the Dynastic Orders– His heartfelt sympathies and His deep sense of outrage over the sickening, barbaric acts perpetrated by terrorists in Paris. The Prince would like to convey His deepest condolences to families of the victims, together with His best wishes for a speedy recovery to all the people who were injured. This tragedy is yet another stern reminder of the inhumanity of terrorism, a veritable threat to the civilised world. It cannot be doubted, however, that the world will now gather the strength to form a united front against those who intend to obscure centuries’ worth of cultural achievements.



Naples, 28 October 2015. HRH The Prince Charles of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, Head of the Royal House and Grand Master of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George, has joined HSH The Prince Albert II of Monaco during an official visit to his beloved Naples on the occasion of the opening of the photo exhibition “Mediterra”, put together by Monaco photographer m. Olivier Jude.

Their Royal Highnesses were received by the Mayor of Naples Mr Luigi De Magistris, along with the Delegation of Campania of the Constantinian Order.

HSH The Prince Albert II of Monaco expressed a wish that public opinion be alerted to the need for the Mediterranean to be preserved and taken care of, fully acknowledging its significance. “The Mediterranean is beautiful and delicate”, the Prince said, “but it forms an integral part to our historical and cultural legacy.”

At the end of their joint visit to the photo exhibition, HRH The Prince Charles of Bourbon and HSH The Prince Albert II of Monaco made their way to the ‘Terrazza’ at the ‘Castel Dell’Ovo’ and were subsequently met by the Mayor in his private office.

Later that day, HSH The Prince Albert II of Monaco and HRH The Prince Charles of Bourbon-Two Sicilies went to the ‘San Carlo’ Theatre where, having received a warm welcome from the Superintendent Ms Rosanna Purchia, they attended the dress rehearsals for Giuseppe Verdi’s Traviata.


Assisi international pilgrimage of the Constantinian Order

ASSISI, 18-19-20 September 2015. The first international pilgrimage gathering in Assisi, which has brought together so many Knights and Ladies from all over Italy and abroad and which was requested by HRH The Prince Charles of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, Head of the Royal House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Grand Master of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, has come to an end. Over these three days in Assisi, it was the Grand Master’s desire that the attention be focused on the issue of disadvantaged childhood. At the Seraphic Institute of Assisi one of Italy’s leading centres in the field of health care, which promotes and performs many activities of admission, diagnosis, rehabilitation, socio-medical assistance, recovery and social re-integration of children and young people with multiple disabilities,
med health plus
the most significant act of the Constantinian Pilgrimage took place: the donation of the “Duetto kid” (a special bike for disabled children). The young patients of the Seraphic, affected by serious motor diseases, deafness and blindness, are practically left out of a world in which communication is one of the most relevant aspects for integration into society. After delivering the equipment, blessed by the bishop of Assisi, His Eminence Monsignor Domenico Sorrentino, a discussion called “Love is deaf – the Journey towards social integration” took place in the auditorium of the Institute. The meeting started with a greeting from the President of the Seraphic, Ms Francesca Di Maolo and HRH The Prince and Grand Master Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. On the afternoon of Saturday 19, a classical concert was held in the Basilica of St Francis. The exceptionality of the event was highlighted by the fact that the Master Knight Matteo Fedeli, performed each piece on the rarest of violins, an invaluable “ex-Bazzini” Stradivarius from 1715, alongside a String Orchestra. On the evening, in conjunction with the start of the Apostolic Journey of the Holy Father to Cuba, the Knights and Ladies of the Constantinian Order gathered in Assisi under the leadership of the Grand Master, to pay tribute to Pope Francis and to his tireless efforts to secure world peace with an evocative torchlight procession through the streets of Assisi which converged upon the Basilica of St. Francis. The Assisi international pilgrimage ended on Sunday 20 September when Holy Mass was celebrated, presided over by the Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino, Grand Prior of the Order within the stunning setting of the Upper Basilica frescoed by Giotto.


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HRH The Prince Charles of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, is to visit Naples on 30 June 2015, accompanied by the highest-ranking Dignitaries of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, in connection with plans for a new institution looking ahead to the future of the Constantinian Order.

The day’s programme includes an agenda of meetings with some of the major noble families from the area, together with leading exponents of the Neo-Borbonic Movement, which, mobdro install for many years now, has been urging the need for a more correct evaluation of the history and culture of Southern Italy.

There will also be an opportunity for Prince Charles to focus his attention on his land and his people. Indeed, the Duke of Castro is to attend a key charity event in favour of families facing financial hardships, currently affiliated with the ‘Congregazione Figlie della Carità’ founded by St. Vincenzo de Paoli.

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