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How do I install Android apps from Aptoide Store?

Aptoide Store is an Android application store that is in certainty an accumulation of several application stores. While it allows a more noteworthy accessibility of Android applications, it also makes the usefulness of Aptoide Store somewhat unique to most other Android application stores. In this article, you will figure out how to make the most out of the Aptoide Store.

How do I install Android apps from Aptoide Store?

1 Getting started

To run Android applications on your Jolla gadget, you have to download Android™ Support from the Jolla Store. You most likely have installed it when you first started up your gadget, however in case you haven’t, please see beneath:

Tap on the Jolla Store symbol in the App Grid

Select “Search” from the pulley menu above, and search for Android Support. Once on Android™ Support application page, select “Install” from the pulley menu above.

When Android™ Support is installed, search for Aptoide Store and install it.

You would now be able to discover Aptoide Store toward the finish of your installed applications in the App Grid.

2 Downloading Applications from Aptoide Store

Propelling the Aptoide Store application will take you to Aptoide’s front page. Here you will locate the most mainstream applications, as well as new interesting applications added to Aptoide.

The following is the screenshot showing the front site visit on a Jolla telephone:


Swiping left will uncover every one of the tabs in Aptoide Store: “Home”, “Best”, “Categories”, “Updates”, and “Download supervisor”.

2.1 Using search

Search for your most loved application by tapping on the amplifying glass symbol in the upper right corner of any view inside Aptoide Store:

Screenshot-17-04-06-15-36-27.png Screenshot-17-04-06-15-36-59.png Screenshot-17-04-06-15-37-18.png

Can’t discover the apps you are looking for?

Aptoide also offers a technique for broadening your search past the Stores added to your Aptoide Store customer. Read more about the “Search Other Stores” highlight in this support article.

2.2.1 Installing a specific version of an application

You can also download distinctive versions of Applications from Aptoide Store. Should you choose to download a more seasoned version of the application at present on your gadget, Aptoide will first uninstall the application in question, and after that download the requested version onto your gadget. No application information is lost in this process.

The following is a step-by-step instruction on downsizing an illustration application:

The steps are completed on a Jolla C gadget:

1) Browse to the page of the application in question:


2) Tap on the “Related” tab, and see the versions listed under the “Multiversion” heading:


3) Select the version you are interested in (for more options you can press the +More button). This will take you to the download page of said application version. At that point affirm by pressing “Downsize”:


2.2 Installing applications

Tapping on a search result will deliver the application page of the selected application.

Before tapping “Install” watch that the publisher is right. Otherwise you may get an application which is not true. In the worst case it can be some sort of misuse endeavor.


2.3 Uninstalling applications

You can also uninstall applications by using Aptoide Store. It is always possible to uninstall applications by means of the Application Grid; however uninstalling this way ensures Aptoide is ready to stay up with the latest with which applications you have installed.

You can uninstall an application by heading off to the “Updates” page, which shows all

Android applications installed on your gadget:


Tap on any application to go to its page. At that point, tap on the three dots situated on the upper right corner of the application page, where you can select the “Uninstall” alternative from the menu. Select OK from the fly up question to affirm:

Screenshot-17-04-07-14-28-29.png Screenshot-17-04-07-14-31-03.png

2.4 Updating applications

Aptoide Store notifies you when there are updates accessible to your applications. To download the udpates, go to the “Updates” tab from the primary page, and tap “Refresh all”:


On the off chance that you swipe down in this page, Aptoide Store will refresh the accessibility of updates.

To see the progress of your application updates, go to the tab “Download administrator”:


3 Stores inside Aptoide Store (Tablet as it were)

As said some time recently, Aptoide Store is in reality a gathering of several application stores. Anybody is allowed to start their own application store, and publish them on Aptoide Store. You can then “subscribe” to these stores to expand your search results. Please take note of that this element is accessible just in the tablet version of Aptoide Store.

To see which stores you are subscribed to, come back to the fundamental perspective of Aptoide Store and go to the “Stores” tab:

3.1 Subscribing to stores

As a matter of course you should be subscribed to the “Jolla Tablet Store” application store. For most users, being subscribed to this application store is sufficient. In any case, should you ever need to add another store to Aptoide Store, please take after the instructions underneath:

1. In the “Stores” tab, tap on “+ Subscribe Store” button.

2. You will see the fly up box requesting the name of the store:

3. Sort in the store name you need to include, or to browse well known stores tap on “See Top Stores”. This will open up a browser to show the results:

4. In the wake of finding a store you wish to include, come back to Aptoide Store to enter the name of the store.

When you have subscribed to a store in Aptoide Store, you will get notifications for any updates to applications present in these stores.

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