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How to Remove Ads Through Using Of KingRoot App?

Google Play Store is the destination from where an Android user is able to download any app needed from the numerous apps it has in store, wherein, some are paid apps and some are free. The paid apps generate money through purchases but, the free ones generate it through ads. These ads are provided by Google, consume a lot of space and become a nuisance while using the app in hand.

It is quite frustrating when an ad pops up in the middle of an important work or even during listening to music. The best way to get rid of them is by using Kingroot. This app is popular and in demand for removing ads conveniently, showing available memory on the phone and also lets its users enjoy a wide range of paid apps for free.

The latest version of Kingroot can remove all ads, banners and purchase proposals put up by the developers. It efficiently disables ads in one go, to let its users experience an ad free environment while using their favorite apps.

Downloading Kingroot App:

  1. Download Kingroot from its official website for hassle free and fully functional version.
  2. After downloading the app, click on the logo and install it.
  3. Now,click on the downloaded file to open it.
  4. Kingroot summons a list of all the apps that are stored in your device.

How To Disable Ads Through Kingroot?

Removing ads is one of the best features of Kingroot so far. Here are the instructions you need to follow to disable ads from a selected app.

  1. The app from which ads are to be removed is selected.
  2. On clicking on the desired app, a page opens with a button “Open Menu For Patches”.
  3. By clicking this option, a list of actions to be performed can be seen.
  4. Select the option “Remove Ads”
  5. Now, click on “Patch To Remove Ads” button.
  6. Click on “Apply” and wait for a while.
  7. This action patches the apps by removing pre-existing ads.
  8. Open the freshly patched app for effective working of the patch.

The procedure can be repeated for any amount of apps full of ads or content which downloads automatically. The user can now experience a hassle free way of working with their favorite apps.

It is a prerequisition to root your Android device before starting the process. Many root tutorials are available on the net and also on YouTube. The process for routing can be different for different devices. Therefore, it is advisable to search for your phone model for root tutorials.


Kingroot is a handy software for Android users for modifying or customizing their devices. It specializes in removing ads very conveniently because of its unique and unidentifiable algorithms.

Other features offered by Kingroot are

  • Modify permissions
  • Make offline APKs
  • Bypass license verification
  • Bypass in-app purchases
  • Hack games for scores
  • Cloning data for backup

Kingroot is a godsend app which understands the users’ needs.


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