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copertina Francesco II

“Francesco II, Il Re Cattolico”, has been published by « Centro Studi sul Risorgimento e sugli Stati Preunitari » with the support of Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke and Duchess of Castro.

[…] the value of this book, in addition to letting us hear the very voice of the last King of Two Sicilies, is that it highlights the basic nature of the Man and the Kingdom.  King Francis II incarnated in his person the foundations on which the reign of Two Sicilies were constitutionally established, namely public adherence to the Catholic faith…..

 The book draws its inspiration from the discovery of an unpublished manuscript written by King Francis II which led to a series of essays by five brilliant contemporary scholars:  Prof. Massimo Viglione, Prof. Roberto De Mattei,  Prof. Cristina Siccardi, Reverend Don Mauro Tranquillo and Prof. Elena Bianchini Braglia.

The cover price of Euro 20 will be entirely donated to the Constantinian Order’s projects.

The book may be ordered through the Chancery (e-mail: or the Delegates of the Constantinian Order.

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