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Press Review: Il Corriere della Sera- April, 5th 2018

TRH Prince Charles and Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies and their daughters Maria Carolina and Maria Chiara with President Trump

Five days at the Trump’s, but it was a “family happening, not an official one”. This is how Camilla of Bourbon, Royal Highness and Sovereign of the former Real of the Two Sicilies, explains to the Corriere the picture of the Royal Family with President Trump while in the sumptuous Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.
“I‘ve known him for a life time, if I may say so. He was a good friend of my mother. Today he hosted my Family and I in his son’s (Donald Jr) villa.”
The picture has triggered the usual mudflow that goes with President Trump every move, no matter what he may say or do. David Fhrenthold, of the Washington Post, twitted :”a meeting with a realm that no longer exists since 1860”. Not to mention the persons depicting Donald Trump receiving the king of an imaginary place such as Genomia, Wakanda, or Nambia…

Such a behavior does not upset the two Highnesses, because being Royalty “unfortunately makes dealing with that kind of criticism an everyday exercise”. Camilla’s first souvenir of today’s Commander in Chief, is memorable :” I was eleven or twelve, and he invited my mother and myself to visit his casino in Atlantic City. He flew us there in a helicopter.” This time, the invitation was made while the Royal Family was on an American trip, Princess Camilla was to give a speech in the United Nations Headquarters as she is Ambassador for Peace for the UN Women For Peace Association.

So, before Easter, a last stop at the Trump’s. “I haven’t been to Mar-a-Lago for years. Back then, it was a big mansion, but today it became unreal. Private beach, beach club, golf course and club, tennis, huge property,…He explained us how he kept buying land after land in order to make it become what it is today. The most noticeable difference between then and now will remain the security. Inside the property, hundreds of agents. Uniforms, plainclothes, employees of the resort (drivers, gardeners…). And outside, law enforcement, county, and every service you can imagine ! It was like in the movies ! Cars needed to be cleared at numerous checkpoints, with explosive search dogs, agents looking under the hood of the car, searching for weapons…impressive !
Melania, the First Lady, was there as well. She appeared alongside with her husband through these difficult times. The subject of course was not brought up for discussion. I can only tell that she was gorgeous, smiling, and very warm. She has been a perfect host. If there were any difficulties within her marriage, nothing showed”.
Their 12 years old son, Baron, met with Maria Chiara who is the same age. “She said he was a bit shy, but she is so extraverted and outgoing that she finds everybody a bit shy”.
Princess Camilla tells us that whenever President Trump appears in the resort, people stand up and applause. They salute him warmly. “ It is in the Palace in Monaco with HSH Prince Albert. In a way, Americans have always been found of European monarchies”.

Dining, no politics ! Nor American or Italian ! “Nonetheless, Donald told us how much he loves Italy. In fact, his sumptuous buffet give Italian cuisine an important place. Even if I have to admit, pasta could be better. I promised I would teach the Chef a recipe in order to fix that…”
Prince Charles invited the President to visit them in Naples. “ Of course, of course !” replied the President using his unmistakable body language. One of a man who knows he has great power, and knows how to use it. Secret Services had to stay alert nonstop in order to prevent the crowd to overflow him as everyone present wanted to go salute him and have their picture taken with him. Nevertheless, those two days were for relaxing and recharging the batteries.
“The last night was the Saturday Night Fever Party night. Donald and Melania did not dance. Their made their appearance, and then headed back in their apartments. Like HSH Prince Albert does, like at the court. All the same.”

Press Review: April, 3rd 2018

Royal Weekend for Trump- President Donald Trump welcomed HRH Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, his wife HRH Princess Camilla and their daughters TRH Princesses Maria Cariolina and Maria Chiara at his residence Mar-a-Lago. Smiles and hugs were published on Instagram. See #realcasadiborbone

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The Royal Family of Bourbon Two Sicilies continues their supportive tour in Southern Italy


It will be a supportive weekend for the Royal Family of Bourbon Two Sicilies, who will take part in and was promoter of several charity activities, especially in the South of Italy.
TRH came back from the United States, where HRH Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duchess of Castro was designed UN Women for Peace Association Ambassador. This Association helps all women who have been victims of any kind of violence. Now the Royal Family continues this supportive tour in Italy, land of their ancestors.
HRH Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, Chief of the Royal House of Bourbon and Grand Master of the Constantinian Order, will launch “Briciole di Salute” project in Palermo. The project will help and support “Missione Speranza e Carità” by Don Biagio Conte, whose goal is to react against poverty in Palermo.
An important service for the most fragile citizens has been introduced thanks to this initiative and to the volunteers and the Sicilian Delegation of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George’s effort, providing economic and material support, products for children, food and logistic support as well.
A joyful moment will be shared with the Sisters of Charity and with the families who are daily helped by the project “Briciole di Salute”. Later the Royal Family will visit the Botanical Garden. HRH the Duchess of Castro donated an important artwork, a Golden Cactus by Orenzo Galery.
The last stage of this long trip will be Rome, where a lot of charity events, which are part of “Briciole di Salute”, have been scheduled.

Press Review: Monaco March, 28th 2018

Monaco Life: PeaceJam Foundation invites entries for Jury Prize.
HRH Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duchess of Castro is designated as the Monaco Representative to the Jury by Prince Albert II of Monaco.

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Press Review: March, 15th 2018

Camilla of Bourbon, tour in the US against women violence. “I fight each day so that women who have been victims of violence can be helped“. As UN Women For Peace Ambassador, she was asked to ring the NYSE bell at New York Stock Exchange.

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