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Vivid Introduction To All The Features Of Lucky Patcher App

Using anything without knowing its true and better potential is just a step closer to idiocy or something close to that. Thus, when it comes to installing anything on your beloved mobile phone is very easy, but without knowing anything about a particular application can lead to danger.

Vivid Introduction To All The Features Of Lucky Patcher App

Any application for any platform which can be on Android OS, iOS, Windows, or even BlackBerry should be verified before installs it on your device. Likewise, this article will tell you many things, about a useful application known as Lucky Patcher.

Features of Lucky Patcher

  • The Ability to block Google Ads from any of the applications in your device allows these ads.
  • Removing license verification from any application is an easy task without the help of lucky patcher latest version 2017.
  • Removing pre-installed apps are a big no on a regular device, but with this cool app, one can remove these factory set applications.
  • This app also helps you managing and removing applications without any problem.
  • Those applications which are not a possible move to the external memory device now can be moved with the help of this cool app.
  • The app helps you to modify any possible application without any problems of authority. And, it also allows you to create an application with one click with your authorization.
  • Updating an app becomes very easy, and no need to go and search for an application on the several platforms entrance.
  • Taking a backup of an app has also become easy with the help of this application, which enables you to take a complete backup of your desired program.
  • Incompatible of applying custom patches can be removed with the help of Lucky Patcher, as this allows custom patches to come into existence easily.
  • Dalvik cache can be clear without any problem with the help of this form, and it also allows your device to stay steady. Normally, clearing Dalvik cache memory leads you to reboot your mobile Android device into a recovery mode after the procedure.
  • Play store will be unaware when in-app purchases are made with the help of this app form.
  • It enables the ability to freeze any auto-start application that doesn’t allow you to run your device smoothly.

Many other features are included in the application after installing it on your device. But, not all of them are mentioned in this article due to its length. It is said that all the features are available for you, only you have rooted the app for your device. While, there is another way to enjoy all the features, which is the patch installation of Lucky Patcher and uninstallation of the original file. Apart from these, there aren’t other ways to run all the features on your mobile device just after installation.

Color Codes Regarding Lucky Patcher

There are in total six color codes present with the Lucky Patcher app, and all of these color codes have some designations behind it. Green color code denotes the registration and disconnection of Google Play, while blue is for Google Ads prevention. Orange and purple are systems and system startup app respectively, and yellow denotes the availability of specific patch APK.

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