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sapins d'action 1

Monaco, December 14th 2017. On the occasion of the charity event organised by Action Innocence Monaco Association, hundreds of Christmas trees were offered. This allowed a huge fundraising  in order to safeguard children and defend people’s right for education.



TRH Princes Charles and Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, with Princesses Maria Carolina and Maria Chiara and in collaboration with the Monegasque Association of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, offered a wonderful Christmas tree that was decorated with some food. Several Maisons and famous designers offered  beautiful decorations that were sold by auction.

We thank the ancient patisserie Stratta 1386 for their huge support and for donating some panettone (typical Italian Christamas cakes) to the Association and also thank Vega del Yuso that offered Virtus- Ribeira del Duero 2014 wine- Spain.
Les sapins d'action Innocence Monaco_ 14 dicembre 2017Sapins d'action

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