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20181204 salvamamme stampa_007Rome, December 4th, 2018. Christmas has officially begun at the Salvamamme Association. This morning, at the headquarters of the Association, President Mrs. Grazia Passeri has described Salavamme initiatives for Christmas. At her side HRH Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duchess of Castro and Ambassador of Salvamamme in the world, who distributed gifts to the children, Mrs. Debora Diodati President of the Italian Red Cross Metropolitan Area of Rome, Mrs. Angela Lionetti Contact of Red Cross for Salvamamme and Mr. Guido AggiustaGiocattoli, a volunteer who has been revitalizing thousands of toys every year for years.

I am very happy to be here again today with all of you and to continue my commitment to support all the activities of this important Association – Princess Camilla said – As Ambassador of Salvamamme, I am honored to be part of this great family and to fight with you so that all women in difficulty and their children can be helped and supported on their path of recovery of their rights and their dignity“.

Many thanks to our Camilla, who is a Princess not only in the title she holds, but in the heart and soul – declared Grazia Passeri – Children look forward to Christmas all year long, they want to experience the magic of this period, look at the decorations and lights, eat candies and discard the presents they find under the tree. We want to support children and their families. In this period we need a lot of love and solidarity. “


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